Airwork’s solenoid valves VY series combine big resistance, reliability and versatility of assemblage.

VY series can be assembled in several ways: in-line, on panel, on multiple bases, on manifolds and directly on cylinders.

Available size are G1/8″, G1/4″ and G1/2″, and functioning can be 3/2, 5/2 and 5/3.

VY83, VY85, VY86, VY43, VY45, VY46, VY23, VY25, VY26

This system allows the installation of a series of 1/8 solenoid valves with different functions: 5 / 2 monostable 5 / 2 bistable and 5 / 3, through a a printed circuit board inserted in an aluminum shell with a female connection SUB-D 25 pin; this avoids the wiring of each valve. Thanks to a simple and intuitive coding system, it is possible to order the island with mounted and tested solenoid, or also to just order the island and mount the solenoid valves at a later date.

Airwork introduce the multipolar connection system for VA series solenoid valves.
This accessory allows the possibility to install a series of valves electrically controlled on an aluminium sub-base.
In this way, you can control them together thanks to the usage of a 25-pin SUB-D cable.


Moreover, it’s possible to discover more information about VA Series valves at their dedicated page, by clicking here.

The newborn VH2 series valve island proposed by Airwork, represents the new trend in the pneumatic field, which responds to the increasing need of energy saving and reduced dimensions while maintaining suitable flow rates.
It’s proposed in multipolar system with D-SUB 25 pin connection or with FLAT cable.



– Small size (15mm)
– Low power consumption (0.85W)
– Compact and clean design
– Metal components for longer life even in harsh environments
– Fast response thanks to latest generation solenoids
– Manual operating easily accessible
– LED indicator integrated in the solenoid
– Sub-base with exclusive modular system
– All packs are delivered assembled and tested

VH2-, VH20