Directly controlled 15 mm solenoid valves are suitable for assembling on multiple or single bases.

They have a low power consumption and a small monostable button for an eventual manual intervention.


The solenoid valves directly controlled are suitable for assembling on multiple or single bases; they have a low consumption of energy and have a small monostable control for an eventual manual intervention.


NEW: now available in the new version with M8 thread for a quick and secure mounting.


The direct control solenoid valves are particularly indicated for the assembling in any position thanks to their small dimensions. They are available in sizes M5, 1/8, 1/4 and with functions 3/2 NC (normally close) o NO (normally open).

VD31, VD32, VD33

The electro valves with modular assembling system, on molded piece or on Omega bar DIN EN 50022.

They grant quick reaction time and the possibility to manually act on the bi-stable screw.

They are available in the version 3/2 NC (normally close) o NO (normally open) and the thread is G1/8.


Coils BO series realized by Airwork have been designed to guarantee high performances.

They are available with Alternate or Direct Current (AC/DC) and multiple voltages: from the newest 12V, to the most common 24V, 110V, 220V.


These coils can be used on several valves available into Airwork’s range:

VY – Solenoids valves
VD – Direct valves
VU – Namur valves
VI – ISO 5599/1 valves

VQ direct electrovalves, are particularly suitable to control water, air, inert gas, steam and for all fluids in general (not aggressive).

The extremely compact brass body, gives to them the possibility to be used in very small places.

They’re available in different versions as 2/2, 3/2 NC and NO and with NBR, Viton or EPDM seals.