Coils BO series realized by Airwork have been designed to guarantee high performances.

They are available with Alternate or Direct Current (AC/DC) and multiple voltages: from the newest 12V, to the most common 24V, 110V, 220V.


These coils can be used on several valves available into Airwork’s range:

VY – Solenoids valves
VD – Direct valves
VU – Namur valves
VI – ISO 5599/1 valves

The inline flow regulator regulates the speed of the pneumatic cylinders and they can be:

One-way: the regulation is in one way
Two-ways: the regulation is in two ways

The flow regulator can be mounted on the panel/board.


RFX flow regulators, produced in stainless steel AISI 316L, can be used in several fields: food and beverage, pharmaceutical, or in particularly aggressive environments.


The selector valve can control two different inputs, choosing one or the other, but using only one way out.

VS01, VS02, VL22

This valve allows the transit of the air only in one way, the valve stops it in the opposite way.

They are available with male or female thread, in several dimensions.


Stainless steel AISI 316L non-return valves, are designed for harsh usage conditions. The driven shutter and the spring never compressed completely, guarantee very high intervention frequencies.


The quick exhaust valve allows to exhaust the air in the cylinder to increase the speed.

We suggest the mounting directly on the cylinder’s supply

Airwork’s VRX quick exhaust valves allow the possibility (if mounted on a pneumatic cylinder) to discharge rapidly the pressure contained inside it. Thanks to the material used for their realization (stainless steel AISI 316L), they allow the usage in particularly harsh or very delicate environments such as food and beverage and pharmaceutical.

The stop valve is a pneumatic device that locks the cylinder’s stroke in case of pressure loss in the system.

The valves are mounted directly on the cylinder’s supplying ports and do not interfere with the functioning of the cylinder.

VO02, VO03, VO22, VO23, VO24, VO25, VO04, VO05

The slide valves with switch on/off, allow the exhaust of the air (position off).


They are ON/OFF valves for various application areas: air, water and hydraulic circuits, and it’s also possible the use for pneumatic vacuum.

BV01, BV02, BV03, BV04, BV05, BV07, BV21, BV22

Silencers are used to reduce the noise generated by the valves during their functioning.
They can be made of different materials (combinations too) as: brass, stainless steel, plastic, bronze, polyethylene.


VQS condensed drain valves are necessary to secure the optimal status of all different components of a compressed air treatment system.

Electric and timed, it’s programmable to discharge the drain in a specific time interval. The aim is to maintain the system in the best functioning condition.

Its functioning is automatic and requires less compressed air during the exhaust process.


The analogue timer can be mounted onto VQS valves.



• 24 – 240V AC/DC 50/60Hz
• IP65 – EN6052
• 1A Max
• 0,5 – 10 Sec. ON
• 0,5 – 45 Min. OFF
• Reset/Test