Grippers of PH Series are used to move big components and thanks to the possibility to choose between three different
strokes for each size, it’s possible to cover several areas of application.
The opening and closing movement of gripping jaws is always synchronized thanks to an inside system with rack and pinion, which allows the centring of the item.
Several slots have been machined on the main body, to allow the positioning of a magnetic switch.

PH31, PH32, PH33

Designed for precise and high repeatability usage, Airwork parallel air grippers are the perfect compromise between compact size and gripping force.
Indeed, the roller system allows to reduce frictions at minimums and guarantees high precision of grip.
PS series permits the mounting in all available positions and the possibility to add a round magnetic switch on all four surfaces.

PS31, PS32, PS51, PS52, PS61, PS62

Used to manipulate round components, these grippers guarantee an high precision thanks to the synchronizes closure of the three gripping jaws and to the prismatic guides system.
Ideal for specific sectors like pick-and-place (P&Ps), machines tools interlocking and many other fields, grippers of PX series cover all different exigencies of modern industrial automation, thanks to their compact dimensions.

PX31, PX32, PX33, PX34, PX35, PX36