CD series, is the new short stroke cylinder who replaces the previous CE series.

Airwork short stroke cylinders are engineered to guarantee good performances in very reduced spaces. They are available in different version: double acting, single acting and with through rod.

Available in different dimensions from Ø16 to Ø100 mm, thanks to their small dimension and high performances, are suitable for applications in reduced spaces.

The body has grooves for the installation of sensors.

CD01, CD02, CD03, CD04, CD15, CD16

Magnetic switches are accessories that allow to identify the position of the piston inside the cylinder.

They have different shapes, oval, round or “T”, and they are available in two versions, REED or HALL.


Cylinders onto whom is possible to mount oval switches are:

CY / CZ / CA / CM / CC / SS / RY


Cylinders onto whom is possible to mount “T” switches are:

MC / MX / CT / CQ / CM / CX / CC / SS / BS / ST


Cylinders onto whom is possible to mount round switches are:

AT / CD / PA / PG / PH / PS / PX

AR40, AR43