Airwork rotary cylinders are engineered in order to transform the rectilinear motion, typical of the pneumatic cylinders, into a rotating motion equipped with torque.

They are supplied with pneumatic cushioning and the angle of spin can be adjusted of about 10°.

A special regulation, by means of guide, reduces the clearance between pinion and rack.

It’s possible to have a custom rotation if required.

RY01, RY03, RY05, RY07

Airwork’s rotary actuators of AT series are obtained from a profile in aluminum.

The very reduced dimensions and the extremely clean design render these products particularly interesting.

They are available with double rack and with angle of spin from 0° to 180°. Grooves are obtained on the body in order to mount magnetic sensors.


Magnetic switches are accessories that allow to identify the position of the piston inside the cylinder.

They have different shapes, oval, round or “T”, and they are available in two versions, REED or HALL.


Cylinders onto whom is possible to mount oval switches are:

CY / CZ / CA / CM / CC / SS / RY


Cylinders onto whom is possible to mount “T” switches are:

MC / MX / CT / CQ / CM / CX / CC / SS / BS / ST


Cylinders onto whom is possible to mount round switches are:

AT / CD / PA / PG / PH / PS / PX

AR40, AR43