Rodless cylinders are born from the requirement to reduce dimensions while granting same stroke dimensions.

They are available in several versions and bores vary from Ø25 to 63 mm.

Main features of this cylinder are the exceptional toughness of the guide while the sealing system guarantees a long life of the cylinder, even if in the presence of high temperature and speed.

They can be equipped with a standard carrier or with a shorter version; they are available with a guide and with ball bearings.

SS01, SS03, SS05, SS07, SS10, SS13

Magnetic switches are accessories that allow to identify the position of the piston inside the cylinder.

They have different shapes, oval, round or “T”, and they are available in two versions, REED or HALL.


Cylinders onto whom is possible to mount oval switches are:

CY / CZ / CA / CM / CC / SS / RY


Cylinders onto whom is possible to mount “T” switches are:

MC / MX / CT / CQ / CM / CX / CC / SS / BS / ST


Cylinders onto whom is possible to mount round switches are:

AT / CD / PA / PG / PH / PS / PX

AR40, AR43