MC Series – ISO 6432 Cylinders

Airwork’s ISO 6432 microcylinders are manufactured with the highest quality levels and have bore sizes between Ø8 and 25 mm therefore they allow the possibility to be used in several applications.

Both aluminum heads are fixed to the stainless steel tube by a rolling process.
ISO 6432 cylinders can be realized with double or single effect (pushing or pulling), magnetic, with bumper or cushioned.
Their fixing accessories are also available and special designs can be realized on customer demand.

There is also the possibility to have a full stainless steel version with MX series page.

MC30, MC50, MC60

MX Series – ISO 6432

ISO 6432 cylinders of MX series are entirely made of stainless steel and with highest quality levels.
They are available with bores Ø16, 20 and 25 mm.

Heads are fixed to the stainless steel tube through a rolling process, therefore they are ideal for specific fields, like the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, marine environments.
ISO 6432  stainless steel cylinders are available in different versions, single or double effect, magnetic, cushioned.

A complete range of fixing accessories is available and the production of customized cylinders on drawing is possible too.

They are available in the standard aluminium version MC series.

MX01, MX03, MX05, MX07

Both ends of Airwork’s round cylinders are fixed to the tubes thanks to a rolling process.
They are available in different versions: single or double acting, magnetic, cushioned.
Fixing accessories are available and special executions can be carried out.

CT01, CT02, CT03, CT04, CT05, CT06, CT07, CT08, CT09, CT10, CT11, CT12

CY series ISO 15552 Cylinders are produced complying with the ISO 15552 norm, and they have bores from Ø32 to 125 mm.

Particularly indicated where precision and liability are really important, they are available in different versions: double effect, cushioned and magnetic.

The new tube profile makes the cylinder excellent also from the aesthetic side.

Special cylinders on customer’s drawing can be realized, as well as the realization of versions with VITON seals.
A new version with a metal scraper for harsh environments has recently been introduced (link).

CY01, CY03, CY05, CY07, CY21, CY23, CY25, CY31, CY33

ISO 15552 cylinders CZ series are produced complying with the ISO 15552 norm and they have bores from Ø32 to 125 mm.

Particularly indicated where precision is important, they are available in different versions: double effect, cushioned and magnetic.

The production of special cylinders on customer’s drawing is possible, as well as the realization of versions with VITON seals.
A new version with metal scraper has recently been introduced (link).

CZ01, CZ03, CZ05, CZ07, CZ21, CZ23, CZ25, CZ31, CZ33

Airwork’s cylinders series CQ are produced respecting norm ISO 15552 and have bores comprised between Ø160 and 250 mm.
Double effect, cushioned and magnetic they are indicates where precision in requested.
Special versions according to drawing and versions with VITON seals are available.

CQ01, CQ02, CQ03, CQ04, CQ07, CQ08

CM series compact cylinders made by Airwork comply the ISO 21287 norm.
They are particularly suitable for small spaces thanks to their reduced dimensions while maintaining excellent stability and strength.
Bores from the newest Ø12 mm to 100 mm, with fixing position according to the ISO norm.

CM01, CM02, CM03, CM13, CM15, CM29, CM31

CX series cylinders have been made complying the ISO 15552. norm.
These cylinders are particularly suitable in aggressive atmospheres, in the marine and naval industry, pharmaceutical and food industry.
Available bores from Ø32 to 125 mm, bigger bores on request.

CX01, CX03, CX16, CX17

Newest compact guide cylinders are Airwork’s top of the range. This linear actuator offers a very high robustness combined with very small dimension.

It has a central pneumatic cylinder and the guiding system is based on rods with very big diameters which move on self lubricant brass bearings or balls sleeves.

It is possible to install the cylinder in different positions and to change the orientation of the feeding devices, according to different needs.

Magnetic sensors can be added foldaway.


Discover more with this video:


CC30, CC31, CC33, CC34, CC60, CC61, CC63, CC64

Airwork’s guided compact cylinder CC series family grows thanks to a new version with a self-regulating pneumatic cushioning.

It’s a simple system that offers many advantages:

– It’s a low-cost cushioning system

– The end-stroke shock noise is totally removed

– It’s always available because it’s realized with standard components

– Thanks to the pneumatic cushioning it’s possible to increase the speed rather than the standard version

CC40, CC41

Airwork present the new compact cylinder with great dimensions.

In all applications where great push force in small spaces is required, the new cylinder CP series is the correct answer.

Available in différent diameters from Ø125 to 200 mm.

CP01, CP02, CP03, CP04

CD series, is the new short stroke cylinder who replaces the previous CE series.

Airwork short stroke cylinders are engineered to guarantee good performances in very reduced spaces. They are available in different version: double acting, single acting and with through rod.

Available in different dimensions from Ø16 to Ø100 mm, thanks to their small dimension and high performances, are suitable for applications in reduced spaces.

The body has grooves for the installation of sensors.

CD01, CD02, CD03, CD04, CD15, CD16

Airwork ST series stopper cylinders are the ideal solution to manage stoppage or blocking of the parts in action.
Inside systems equipped with conveyor belts they are a fundamental element for stopping a moving load.


Available versions:

– With smooth stem

– With through rod

– Anti-rotation with roller NEW!

– Double acting, single acting with front or rear spring


The ST series Airwork stopper cylinders have been designed to satisfy all possible needs and to realize this new version we have decided to use the same profile of a compact ISO 21287.

This allows a very easy assembling in the machine thanks to the use of the most standard accessories for pneumatic cylinders.


They are implemented in the pneumatic systems of the following sectors:
Packaging (Food & Beverage) – Conveying systems – Assembly in general – Automotive – Logistics – Wood

ST01, ST02, ST03