Mounting components and accessories for pneumatic cylinders complying with ISO 15552 and 21287 norm.

AR41, AR42, AR40, AR43, AR44, AR45, AR46

The patented Airwork pneumatic rod lock BS series is a mechanical clamping unit.
It is designed for ISO 15552 and 6432 VDMA cylinders, indeed it is used to block the rod of the cylinder in any position.

This locking device for cylinders blocks the cylinder’s rod movement in case of unexpected pressure drops.

The blocking force of this locking unit is always bigger than the one developed from the corresponding cylinder at 10 bars.

BS30, BS31, BS20, BS21

The patented Airwork rod lock BM series is a mechanical device to apply to cylinders ISO 15552 and 6432 VDMA whose scope is to block cylinder’s rod, in any position.

This solution allows to block the stroke of the cylinder at anytime an unexpected pressure fall occurs.

The blocking force is always and however greater of the one developed from the respective cylinder at 10 bars.

BS20, BS21

Airwork’s guide units are engineered for cylinders complying with ISO 15552 and 6432 VDMA norms.

They are recommended for the deplacement of high loads and where also high speed and precision of positioning are requested.

These characteristics renders this guide unit suitable for use in several industrial fields, like in loading lines, in the packaging industry and the automation in general.


Airwork’s hydraulic speed regulator, is an oil system with closed circuit which has to be connected to a pneumatic cylinder in order to obtain an adjustable slowing down of the stroke.

Several versions are available: regulation in push, in traction and double regulation. It can be fitted with SKIP or STOP valves, or both.


Magnetic switches are accessories that allow to identify the position of the piston inside the cylinder.

They have different shapes, oval, round or “T”, and they are available in two versions, REED or HALL.


Cylinders onto whom is possible to mount oval switches are:

CY / CZ / CA / CM / CC / SS / RY


Cylinders onto whom is possible to mount “T” switches are:

MC / MX / CT / CQ / CM / CX / CC / SS / BS / ST


Cylinders onto whom is possible to mount round switches are:

AT / CD / PA / PG / PH / PS / PX

AR40, AR43