During last years the number of Internet accesses from the mobile platforms has surpassed the desktop ones.
Thanks to increased speed and convenience, more than 50% of the world population use the internet directly from their smartphones.
Today, new generation devices allows you to make any kind of operation from banking to online purchases, and personal interests researches are increasingly taking place.
For this reason, at Airwork, we followed the innovation road realizing a website designed specifically for mobile that is already online.
From now, to navigate on our site you will not need anymore to do annoying enlargements of texts and images in order to read and see better, because all the content of the site is perfectly readable and visible by simply scrolling through pages, texts and images.
Obviously also pages and entire site loading times are now very fast and proportionate to the power of mobile devices avoiding the long waiting times for viewing the various pages.

Airwork is also active on the social network front and has a company profile page on every major portal such as YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn and soon on Twitter. We invite you to follow us to stay updated with Airwork world, we’ll wait for you!