On August 28th, the magazine “Meccanica Plus” has published an article about our products which expresses a very clear concept: Airwork is one of the few Italian producers that are able to boast its own production of pneumatic cylinders and all the accessories they need to function, such as the guide unit, rod locks but also hydraulic speed regulators and solenoid valves for movement’s control.
There is also a whole series of mounting kits for all those customers who want to assemble cylinders at their own company eliminating the waiting times compared to a classic order of a product already assembled.
For further informations contact us at: info@airwork.it

Link: http://bit.ly/AW_MecPlus


Airwork has recently realized some interesting videos added on our dedicated channel, there you could find the institutional corporate video and furthermore 3D animations which show several important parts assembled.

In the future we are intending to develop this channel adding videos about our products but not only. We would thereby place at your disposition application videos of pneumatic automation and also about investments done by our Company.
We can just wait and in the meanwhile enjoy the show!


The modern pneumatic imposes solutions always different to solve new problems, and the reduction of the space is one of these.
Compact machines with high efficiency are increasingly requested and the components mounted in them must respond to this need.
Pneumatic cylinders, valves, but also fittings have undergone downsizing, with the creation of product lines parallel to the standards.
This is the case of our series of valves VA, VB and VH, which are designed to reduce the space and to limit the consumption of current for solenoid driving.
As shown in the figure, the valve of the VA series is smaller of 32% than the standard VY and its consumption passes from 3 to 1 W.

Grafica1             Grafica2


The versatility of the VA new series of valve is also evidenced with the availability of 3 different types of electrical connections, with the connector positioned downwards or frontally, while the third option relates to the use of a solenoid 15 mm DIN.


Today, many machine builders also need products which are modular and extensible as it often happens that a machine should need further automation and then other pneumatic components in a second stage.
That’s why our series VA and VB is designed with a system of sub-bases of modular type, exactly to be easily mounted and expanded.
The particular system of connection between the bases is achieved by using special pins with inclined seat which set in contact with a tip screw and creates an effect of approach between the two bases and therefore the perfect matching.