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On August 28th, the magazine “Meccanica Plus” has published an article about our products which expresses a very clear concept: Airwork is one of the few Italian producers that are able to boast its own production of pneumatic cylinders and all the accessories they need to function, such as the guide unit, rod locks but also hydraulic speed regulators and solenoid valves for movement’s control.
There is also a whole series of mounting kits for all those customers who want to assemble cylinders at their own company eliminating the waiting times compared to a classic order of a product already assembled.
For further informations contact us at: info@airwork.it

Link: http://bit.ly/AW_MecPlus


Too often  originally made in Italy solenoid valves  are compared to low cost Chinese products.
This choice doesn’t take into consideration  technical aspects and constructive details which underlined  the great difference compared to products built without the approprate technical competences.

We could then affirm as a “good quality product” the valve which overcome 50 millions cycles with any kind of inconvenient.

This reaction and capacity is not required in many types of utilization, so even a low cost chinese valve could be wrongly condidered as good quality and manifactured
Related to a little sollecitation.

It is well known among insiders that shuttle seals are the most important element of this product, thanks to this knowledge most specific studies are addrressed to the
purpose of reaching unthinkable work cycles.

Airwork has designed and realized high performance seals managing the italian experience of a company leader of the market.
airwork seals are realized in an asymmetric way in order to permit a major usury resistance on the shuttle  contact point.

Many others are the constructive detailes which determine a good product risult, as brass spacers that guarantee the perfect seal stability, or the perfect used dimensioned return spring.

The last but not less important is  the greasy lubryficat used: a high quality product specifically studied and realized for the pneumatic sector with a long term durability remaining anchored by
internal valve components.

We are sure that careful and prepared  customers will choose quality compared to low cost, because they will surely evaluate the benefits earned by that choise, following  the concept expressed by the famous english sociologist John Ruskin according to ” it is imprudent paying too much but it is much worse paying too little.”