We are really proud of communicate the availability of our new general product catalogue, which will be delivered to all Airwork distributors.

The new catalogue, written in Italian and English version, differs from the competitors ones for different aspects: first of all for the hardback rigid cover that permit the vertical archiving thanks to a stable asset compared to other thin paper catalogues easily subjected to bad folds, in addition has a simple but endearing graphics with a shade of corporate colors.

Inward the catalogue you could find colorful pages with product pictures realized by professional photographers who managed to find the perfect slant and sharpness of the images in order to exalt all the details.

There are 4 sections: Actuators, Valves, Air treatment and Fittings. The name of each product is visible both on the top and on the right side of every single page, written on the grey band of the corresponding section, so you can choose the preferred division even when the catalogue is closed.

The 25 mm high dimensions are expressly designed for reducing the weight, giving the advantage to an easily and practice lecture.

On the back of the catalogue you’ll find the “QR code” , under Airwork’s address, readable by any kind of smartphone which led directly to the web-site
By all the Company staff , we hope you will enjoy the reading