Microvalves with plug button 3/2 NO or NC with several actuation options, mechanical or manual.

Thanks to the usage of the adaptor all actuators can be mounted on microvalves and it is also possible to combine two microvalves to obtain functions 5/2 and 5/3 (OC or CP)

VM40, VM50

Directly controlled 15 mm solenoid valves are suitable for assembling on multiple or single bases.

They have a low power consumption and a small monostable button for an eventual manual intervention.


The solenoid valves directly controlled are suitable for assembling on multiple or single bases; they have a low consumption of energy and have a small monostable control for an eventual manual intervention.


NEW: now available in the new version with M8 thread for a quick and secure mounting.


The direct control solenoid valves are particularly indicated for the assembling in any position thanks to their small dimensions. They are available in sizes M5, 1/8, 1/4 and with functions 3/2 NC (normally close) o NO (normally open).

VD31, VD32, VD33

The inline flow regulator regulates the speed of the pneumatic cylinders and they can be:

One-way: the regulation is in one way
Two-ways: the regulation is in two ways

The flow regulator can be mounted on the panel/board.


This valve allows the transit of the air only in one way, the valve stops it in the opposite way.

They are available with male or female thread, in several dimensions.


The quick exhaust valve allows to exhaust the air in the cylinder to increase the speed.

We suggest the mounting directly on the cylinder’s supply

Silencers are used to reduce the noise generated by the valves during their functioning.
They can be made of different materials (combinations too) as: brass, stainless steel, plastic, bronze, polyethylene.