XF01, XF02
XC01, XC02
XR01, XR02

Airwork microregulator DT series, is particularly suitable for panel mounting or in all applications where it is necessary to reduce the overall dimensions to a minimum.

The pressure micro-regulator guarantees high performance with excellent stability.

DT01, DT02
XM01, XM02
XQ01, XQ02
XP01, XP02
XL01, XL02
XS01, XS02
XT01, XT02
XD01, XD02
XB17, XB21, XB22, XB23, XB24, XB01, XB02, XB03, XB08, XB18, XB12, XB09, XB10, XB11, XB13, XB15, XB16, XB14, XB19, XB20, XB04, XB05, XB06, XB07
DM11, DM21
DP11, DP21, DP31