The precision regulator is characterized by a high precision and stability of the pressure adjusted thanks to a constructive concept of multi-membrane.

The presence of a controlled air leak and a particularly sensitive relieving exhaust allow optimal performances even at low pressures.

DR01, DR02
YF11, YF12, YF24, YF35, YF36, YF23
YC11, YC12, YC23, YC24
YR11, YR12, YR23, YR24, YR35, YR36
YP11, YP12, YP23, YP24, YP35, YP36
YL11, YL12, YL23, YL24, YL35, YL36
YS11, YS12, YS23, YS24, YS35, YS36
YT11, YT12, YT23, YT24, YT35, YT36
YO11, YO12, YO23, YO24, YO35, YO36
YD11, YD12, YD23, YD24
YU23, YU24
YE23, YE24
YV11, YV12, YV23, YV24
YB14, YB32, YB30, YB27, YB29, YB31, XB17, XB21, XB22, XB23, XB24
DM11, DM21
DP11, DP21, DP31