Jun 22

VF series direct acting solenoid valve for cylinder installation

Airwork’ solenoid valves range expands and introduces the new direct acting solenoid valve VF series for direct installation on pneumatic cylinders and actuators.

The http://frescohealth.com/archives/1197 VF series pneumatic solenoid valve is the result of the union of the various needs of our customers: in fact, it is an excellent solution for all machine manufacturers who prefer to concentrate the cylinder and its drive in a single assembly.

In fact, it has been designed to be installed on any type of actuator or pneumatic cylinder with the advantage of incorporating the actuator and its control valve in a single product.

The installation of these pneumatic valves is very simple: simply screw the built-in hexagonal screw and connect the pneumatic solenoid valve to the power supply and compressed air line via pneumatic fittings.

In addition, the VF series pneumatic solenoid valves can be mounted on the two cylinder’s feeds for a double effect drive, or only on one of the two for a simple effect drive (in this case the cylinder shall be fitted with a spring or a return to the position by gravity).

The VF pneumatic solenoid valve is offered with 3/2 NC operation (3-way and 2-position, Normally Closed) with G1/8″ air inlet and fixing screw on the cylinder feeds in two sizes: G1/8″ and G1/4″.

On these solenoid valves it is possible to mount coils of different voltages in 12V or 24V Direct Current, or in 24V AC, 110V AC, 220V Alternating Current.

The operating temperature has a range from -10°C to +50°C and a maximum operating pressure of 10 bar.

The body of the solenoid valve is made of high-precision CNC machined aluminium, including the air-orifice and the seat of the electro pilot.

In addition, the VF series pneumatic solenoid valve is equipped with an integrated manual drive to manually test the correct operation thanks to a special screw with screwdriver cut.

The air flow is 50 Nl/min so the VF series of pneumatic solenoid valves are suitable for mounting on small and medium-sized cylinders.

The added value of our pneumatic solenoid valve is its compactness and the ability to adapt it to any pneumatic cylinder made by Airwork or other manufacturers, without having to change components.

The use of this pneumatic solenoid valve is wide, in fact it can be installed on any type of pneumatic cylinder such as: cylinders ISO 6432, ISO 15552, compact ISO 21287, or on short stroke cylinders, compact guide cylinders, etc.

• Can be mounted on any type of pneumatic cylinder
• Extremely easy to install
• Different types of spools can be mounted
• Durable material
• Competitive price

If you are looking for an efficient pneumatic solenoid valve that can be applied to any pneumatic cylinder, our VF series is what you need!

We remind you that our technical and sales department is always available for any information and we also create Custom products according to Customers’ needs.

Contact us for more information at info@airwork.it


VF Directly Solenoid Valves On Cylinder


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