Nov 21

New pneumatic foot valve Airwork

Airwork’s range of air control valves is enriched by the continuous updates we make on our products.

Airwork’s pneumatic foot valve, already included in our catalogue for several years, changes dress and is now presented in a new guise with interesting technical and aesthetic solutions that place it among the best products on the international market.

The new grey/black colour has been chosen to align with the Company colours that have always distinguished Airwork in the market, compared to the yellow/black colour that characterized the product in its previous version.

With this renewal we have expanded the choice of versions already available with 5/2 or 3/2-ways operation, adding to the standard option with G1/4″ connection ports also the model with connections via automatic fittings for Ø4 mm hoses.

In addition, it is possible to select between the monostable or bistable drive and choose between variants with or without protection cap and with or without safety stop.

All these features show that the Airwork pneumatic pedal is very flexible and can meet all the market needs of our current and future Customers.

Download the technical datasheet

» Larger internal pedal compartment

The internal compartment of the pedal has been meticulously studied and redesigned to accommodate even the most bulky and robust safety shoes, thus ensuring maximum ease of operation of the pedal lever thanks to a proven mechanism, reliable and durable.

» Robustness

It has been chosen to mount metal components in the most sensitive points of the pedal in order to ensure greater resistance to the most extreme stresses. For example, the pneumatic valve unit, where the fittings are assembled, is made entirely of anodized aluminium 11S with the aim to preserve its durability over time.

» Shockproof plastic material

The plastic material used to make the cap and pedalboard components is able to withstand the most violent impacts and the most severe environments, such as the presence of dirt or sparks, when used in environments where welding is carried out.

» Maximum stability

The base’s structure of the pneumatic pedal has been reinforced with the addition of vertical and horizontal ribs and 6 non-slip rubber pads positioned at a specific distance between them. These technical devices ensure perfect pedal stability during the operation of the internal lever.


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