Nov 19

Airwork Academy – How we decided to take care of the future

Airwork is not just Products and Service but above all People!
For this reason, special attention must be given to the future of our young people.


How? Starting from school!


From this need comes Airwork Academy, a project in collaboration with the Desio-Brianza Consortium of training in a working context.
A real network between the scholastic world and the world of work with reference to the forms of curricular internship, alternation of work and apprenticeship.


Through a partnership between company and school the project aims at:
Support the specialized human resources of companies with students at school and at company level in order to transfer technical skills to students.
Promote relationships between educational institutions, the world of work and the territorial and productive system of reference.
Encourage business culture and support technical training.
Support the orientation of young people by enhancing their skills, interests and personal cognitive styles.


This project promotes and strengthens moments of encounter and direct communication between the parties involved, implementing a collaboration experience through strictly work activities.


AirWork is one of the companies with which the Desio-Brianza Consortium cooperates for the activation of the internships of the two training courses Mechanical Operator and Electric Operator.


This is our commitment and our vision for a future built on our greatest strength, the Young People!




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