Stopper Cylinders ST series
  • Steel guide bushing with PTFE carry-over to guarantee high movement precision
  • Front head machined from full aluminium bar to guarantee maximum resistance to stresses
  • High efficiency polyurethane seals
  • Equipped with elastic dampers
  • Conform to the ISO 21287 standard

Airwork ST series stopper cylinders are the ideal solution to manage stoppage or blocking of the parts in action.
Inside systems equipped with conveyor belts they are a fundamental element for stopping a moving load.


Available versions:

With smooth stem

With passing rod

Anti-rotation with roller

Double acting, simple effect with front or rear spring


They are a product that can be easily assembled in the machine thanks to the use of the most standard accessories


The ST series Airwork stopper cylinders have been designed to satisfy all possible needs and to realize this new version we have decided to use the same profile of a compact ISO 21287.


They are implemented in the pneumatic systems of the following sectors:
Packaging (Food & Beverage) – Conveying systems – Assembly in general – Automotive – Logistics – Wood


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CODICE: ST0101032020


Datasheet with all usage tables


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